Student Leadership

Mount Carmel Catholic College SRC


Mount Carmel Catholic College is committed to the development of leadership skills in all students and to the provision of comprehensive preparation and selection processes for formal student leadership in the College.

Student leadership at Mount Carmel is underpinned by the model of Jesus as servant, as messenger, as protector of the weak and of those who walk in truth (Ite In Veritate).

The cognitive skills of problem solving, critical thinking, reasoning and creative thinking are essential components of our College’s curriculum. They do not specifically fit into any one aspect of the formal academic curriculum but are crucial in our quest for lifelong learning outcomes for all students. A great measure of these learning outcomes is in student leaders demonstrating their learning through visible and identifiable leadership of our College community.

The qualities, attributes and skills needed to meet the demands of the senior leadership positions or for representation on the SRC include loyalty, consistency and maturity. Students who are successful in gaining a leadership position are expected to display loyalty to the school and its wider community, consistency in modelling the Christ centred values contained in the College vision, and maturity in communicating in both a student and adult environment.

College Leadership 

Mount Carmel Catholic College is committed to the development of leadership skills in all students and to the provision of comprehensive selection processes for formal leadership positions. College Leaders are elected to the following senior leadership positions in the college:

College Captains and College Vice-Captains

College Captains

  • Actively promote the school values at all times, especially by:
    ○ providing leadership to the student body
    ○ demonstrating a caring and supportive manner
  • In the year prior to the appointment, decide on a school initiative that you would like to develop and implement during your term in the position
  • Take a leading role with student leadership within the College
  • Participate in regular school planning meetings with the College Principal and Assistant Principals
  • Assist with the organisation and conduct of general assemblies.
  • Be well respected by staff and students of all year groups so as to speak on behalf of students.
  • Represent the school at events and functions as required.
  • Report to the school community
  • Mentor other students and liaise with students in other leadership roles

Spiritual Life

  • Report on Spirituality activities in the College
  • Assist the Liturgy Coordinator in the development of student led prayer at College assemblies
  • Assist the Liturgy Coordinator in the planning of Opening College Mass, Champagnat Day Mass and Year 12 Graduation Mass
  • Assist with the fundraising efforts associated with Project Compassion in consultation with the Social Justice Coordinator and Religious Education Coordinator
  • Help raise awareness of our Marist tradition
  • Promote events from local Parishes that encourage student participation and involvement
  • Promote spirituality opportunities in consultation with Religious Education Coordinator and Youth Ministry

Social Justice and Environment

  • Attend all scheduled Student Council meetings and provide a report on Social Justice and environment activities
  • Lead the school Social Justice Committee at the direction of the Social Justice Coordinator
  • Promote Social Justice activities within the College and specifically with Senior students
  • Promote and actively encourage cleanliness within the College
  • Promote recycling
  • Promote and be part of  College working bees to students
  • Promote environmental initiatives such as Clean-up Australia Day
  • Explore ways and/or projects to ensure the College environment is clean, sunsmart and aesthetically appealing


  • Attend all scheduled Student Council meetings and provide a report on Sport activities
  • Promote involvement in sport to junior students through a variety of mediums
  • Assist Junior House Captains in the promotion and participation of whole College sporting events such as Cross Country and Athletics
  •  Coordinate themes for Year 12 for Cross country and Athletics Carnivals
  • Assist the Sport Coordinator in the promotion of sport and recognition of student achievements
  • Assist with the coordination of House Day sporting activities
  • Celebrate sporting achievements at a school and representative level

Hospitality and Culture

  • Attend all scheduled Student Council meetings and provide a report on Cultural Life activities
  • Take responsibility for knowing of impending special guests to the College, and of significant events, and arrange student welcomes
  • Promote the Champagnat Day Concert and host the Champagnat Day Concert in liaison with the Creative and Performing Arts Department
  • Promote Creative Arts events in consultation with Creative and Performing Arts Coordinator
  • Assist the Hospitality Coordinator in the organisation of canteen duties and provide nutritional ideas
  • Arrange for basic hospitality for after school events in consultation with the Principal’s Secretary

Academic Life

  • Attend all scheduled Student Council meetings and provide a report on academic activities
  • Promote academic competitions specific to subject areas in liaison with relevant KLA Coordinator
  • Develop a system of further recognising student academic achievement with a particular focus on effort
  • Provide feedback to the Curriculum Coordinator on teaching practices that students report as being effective
  • Promote strategies with students that are effective in regards to completion of assessments, exam preparation, time management
  • Organise past students to be present for specific Senior Pastoral Assemblies, as directed by the Senior Pastoral Care Coordinator
  • Organise at least 1 activity each semester related to the academic portfolio such as, a poetry workshop, interclass quizzes, a chess competition, an inventions competition.

To assist in the formation of the senior leadership team and in the development of their leadership skills, the senior leadership team participates in formal leadership training during the year of their office.

The Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Student Representative Council is viewed as a conduit between students, staff, and the Executive in the total governance process of the College and as a forum for discussion of student issues and for planning for College events and Senior fundraising.

 The SRC membership includes the College Captains, Vice-Captains, and portfolios leaders.

The charter and work of the Student Representative Council is overseen by the SRC Facilitator/Year Coordinator. This position is held by a member of staff whose role includes the facilitation of SRC meetings, the coordination of SRC fundraising activities, the organisation of or participation in student leadership training, and communication of SRC projects and student issues to the college community.

SRC Member Meetings

The Student Leadership Team comprising the College Leaders and SRC meet regularly with various members of the CLT to discuss issues raised by the SRC and Junior House Captains and various College events.

The Student Representative Council meets fortnightly with the SRC Facilitator/Year Coordinator to plan Senior fundraising, school projects and events and to hear and seek solutions in relation to student issues and concerns. The minutes of these meetings are then reported by SRC members.