College Band & Choir

College Concert Band Program

Mount Carmel Catholic College has a Music Program that promotes students musical education in both curricular and extra-curricular music. The College’s Concert Band Program provides opportunities for experienced musicians as well as providing an opportunity for beginners to learn an instrument and enjoy music.

Currently we have two bands that run. A beginners band where students learn to play an instrument in a fun environment with others and the Advanced Band for students who either have prior playing ability or have learnt through the beginner band program and moved to the next level.

Our College’s band program offers a platform to bring together students across year levels who are learning an instrument, helping to build a strong community within the Performing Arts. We also offer group tuition once a week to assist students in learning their specific instrument. This makes learning effective and enjoyable because the experience is shared by a group of students rather than being done individually, creating a dynamic environment in which to learn. Students also learn to function and perform as a team. Participants in the College Band Program have regular opportunities to perform in College, Community and Eisteddfod Events. Our future goal is to be able to take a band overseas for the European band competition.

College Rock Band Program

Each year a select number of students are chosen to participate in our College rock band program. These students support the choir in performing the music at our various masses throughout the year and learn valuable rock band skills and techniques.

Itinerant Music Lessons

In addition to the College Band Program we also run a private music tuition program. These lessons are one on one with a specialist instrumental teacher. For beginners the lessons are 30 minutes long and most tutors charge $30. For more advanced players lessons are 1 hour long at a cost of $60. These lessons are extremely valuable in helping a young musician master their instrument. Our tutors offer lessons in the following instruments:

Bass Guitar

College Choir

Our College choir is a wonderful community of talented singers made up of approximately 40 students from across Years 7 - 12. The choir supports music ministry by learning and performing the hymns at our various Masses throughout the year. In the past the choir has also entered and won many competitions including the Rhapsody Rotorua competition in New Zealand.