Captain's Message

“Love who you are because that is who God loves.”

Bishop Brain Mascord 

Welcome to Mount Carmel! 

As the 2023 College Captains, we are honoured to represent the College within the next twelve months. As student leaders, we are called to actively communicate, celebrate and listen to the voices of our student body. We believe that “making Jesus known and loved” can be achieved through the acknowledgement of every individual’s personal excellence, centralising all we do in Christ. 

The Student Representative Council aim to reignite a sense of connectivity and inspiration that was lost in the turbulence of the pandemic. With the example of the College Captains, we acknowledge that this vision can not be achieved without the collective efforts of our distinct portfolios of College life: Emma and Zac of our Academic, Leilani and Hayden of our Spirituality, Alexis and Rory of our Sport, Jess and Declan of our Hospitality and Culture and Merryn and Paris of our Social Justice and Environment portfolios. Together, we proposed a mission we aspire to bring to fruition within the next 12 months and that is to connect and inspire.

What it means to connect…

Connectivity extends beyond that of person-to-person interaction, manifesting itself in several facets of personal connection via channels of spirituality, academics or sporting potential. Offering opportunities for students to flourish in their authentic individual ways is how we emulate what it means to “walk in truth”. By practising the value of connectivity, we implicitly acknowledge the Marist characteristics of family spirit and love of work, allowing us to strive to embody a Marcellin-inspired pathway. 

What it means to inspire… 

At Mount Carmel, we believe that the core of our Catholic faith is underpinned by the Marist and Carmelite values. Through the influence of Mary, we look up to her divine spirit to follow in her example of service to others. Similarly, through the Carmelite values, we remain grounded in our everyday life, remaining true to our college motto – Ite in Veritate. Inspiration is the contagious act of motivating one another through these strenuous yet thrilling high school years. It is encouraging the Marist and Carmelite values as the foundation that will aid us in the face of adversity. 

“So we, who are many, are one in the body in Christ, and individually members one of another.” (Romans 12: 5). As College Captains, it is integral to our role to ensure that the talents of each student present within the grounds are allowed to flourish, to embrace and encourage the skills of one another. Whether these talents be academic, athletic, etc; The Christ-Centred community of Mount Carmel Catholic College welcomes all with open arms. Greater emphasis is placed upon the goal of establishing a safe environment for all skill sets to be embraced, whether this is on the sporting field, in the classroom, or even a small act of talking to someone new within the playground. 

As previously mentioned, the Student Representative Council (through the utilisation of the eight portfolios entrusted within our care) aim to ensure that all aspects of college life which lay the foundation upon which student education is built are elevated, enforcing the diverse nature of the College. As a leadership team, we prioritise the notion of returning to the community. We aim to communicate with all students and staff in order to determine areas of improvement, in which new methods and concepts will be implemented in response to the feedback received. 

It is our responsibility as a student leadership team to communicate and demonstrate the love Christ instilled as the central element of the Catholic Faith, in order to lead the College Community throughout the events of 2023. The fundamental concept which will fuel our leadership is an effort to recognise and communicate with every student within our College community, to advance interconnection to allow our community to further ‘Ite In Veritate’, to ‘Walk In Truth’. In doing so, we allow Mount Carmel Catholic College to emulate the Marist characteristics of Presence, Simplicity, Family Spirit, Love of Work, and In the Way of Mary. By living out such qualities, we begin our journey to ‘Connect and Inspire’. 

Therefore, we urge all members of the Mount Carmel Catholic College community to connect and inspire one another as we proceed through another blessed year.

Jasmyne Douangdara and Austin Scales