Mount Carmel Catholic College is committed to helping students develop up to date technology and communication skills, and as such we integrate technology into all learning and teaching areas to enhance learning experiences and outcomes, preparing students for their role in the digital world in which we live. The College Bring Your Own Designated Device (BYODD) program stipulates the need for students to bring a device to school that meets or exceeds the minimum requirements provided by the the College (below). Whilst there is some choice and flexibility with the device, we have made the decision to place limitations of the type and specification of these devices to guarantee that we are able to effectively maintain and manage these devices at school, place safeguards on equity and commonality amongst students, and ensure that teachers are able to plan lessons and learning experiences based on the knowledge and confidence that all students will be able to access materials applicable to their chosen area of study.

Brand: Apple
Model: MacBook Air / MacBook Pro
Screen Size: 13 inch
Minimum Recommended Memory: 8GB RAM
Minimum Recommended Storage: 128GB SSD
Minimum Recommended Operating System: Ventura (13)

The College also strongly recommends the purchase of warranty for the device in the form of the AppleCare+ protection plan, which provides an additional two years of warranty for a total of three years and cover for accidental damage. For more information on AppleCare+, please visit the link below:

The purchase portal hosted by Educom IT (link below) provides families with the option to purchase BYODD compatible devices at competitive education based prices.

Purchase Portal - Hosted by Educom IT


Although Educom IT provide competitive education pricing for the College community, we encourage families to shop around for the best deal.

For instructions on how to configure a new device, please visit the I.C.L.T Self Service Portal