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Principal's Report


Dear parents, friends, staff and students,

In this week’s Gospel we hear how Jesus ensured that there was enough food for five thousand people even though He had nothing more than five loaves of bread and two fish. The story links to the first two readings that explain how bread and wine are used for a sacrifice that builds a covenant between God and His people. This Sunday is also known as Corpus Christi Sunday (or the Holy Body and Blood of Christ). In the Gospel reading of Luke, Jesus looked up to heaven, blessed and broke the bread and gave it to His disciples to share. This is very similar to the language and action in the Last Supper where He blessed and shared the bread and wine which He turned into His own body and blood. In this, there is a link to Jesus giving of Himself (as in the Last Supper) and this being shared with all (as in the loaves and fish in this reading). These readings therefore are a reminder that Jesus gives Himself to be shared with each of us. We share in this mystery physically in the celebration of the Mass when we receive Holy Communion. We then we each need to take that gift out into our lives and share it with others through our actions.

This week we posted our Year 7, 2023 enrolment offers to over two hundred families. Everyone who has applied by the closing date will receive a letter in the next week or so explaining the process for accepting these offers or explaining how they might be placed onto a waiting list. The decisions around who is made an offer are always difficult when so many families want their children to be a part of our community. The strong oversubscription of applications is a testament to the reputation of the College and a vote of appreciation and thanks to the staff for all their hard work. It is also a reflection of the way that our current students and families openly live the values of our community. Thank you to parents/caregivers and students for helping to build a strong Catholic community.

Next Wednesday, June 22, we will be holding our Year 11, 2023 subject information evening. This is an opportunity for parents to hear some of the important requirements of Stage 6 education and ask questions of teachers around what is required for various electives. The evening will provide an opportunity from 6:30 to speak with subject specialists and then to listen to a formal presentation from 7pm. It is important that parents and students attend this evening to ensure that you hear the messages about subject selection. I look forward to meeting parents on the night.

At the start of this week, we were joined by our newest staff member, Mrs Michelle Woolley who joins us in our Hospitality and TAS teaching areas. Mrs Woolley has returned to Mount Carmel after being employed as a TAS assistant many years ago before re-training as a teacher. We welcome Mrs Woolley to our community.

Last week we opened our Year 7 – 10 Parent/Teacher/Student meeting bookings for Semester 1. These meetings are an opportunity for you to discuss with the teachers what your child’s strengths and opportunities for improvement might be. I encourage you to organise face to face or zoom meetings as soon as you are able.

Ite in Veritate

Mr Steve Lo Cascio